ѹԧ  ˹ѧ  ѧŧ  ˭ԧ    õ          ͧ  Ͷ  ͧԨԵ  ٴǧ
American wire-gauge, apothecary, aval, appraise, ape of Good Hope, abstract noun, above-ground, absurd, astrology, audience, acting, animal, after a fashion, as a matter of fact, Amundsen, acutely, absinthe, arise, adjective phrase, all in all
boggy, Battle of the Bulge, beriberi, bosun, bereft, bight, beautification, booty, Brooklyn, blue ensign, bulbul, betwixt, bell punch, baize, bimonthly, box chronometer, belabor, business-house, bought, baroness
consignee, crawling fish, counterrevolution, carry through, contingent, California Institute of Technology, catch, comparative anatomy, collide, cherish, cultural, croquet, consort, chinaware, clink, candidly, camphor plant, chattering, condonation, castrato
dishevel, deliverance, distraction, declare, Dunmow flitch, Dance of Death, displease, dope, dribbling, discount, D.C., dalliance, dogmatic, down under, disfavor, demonstrativeness, defencelessness, deep-fry, demur, dispoliation
extirpation, every man Jack of them, excrements, exporter, excess profit tax, euphuism, exhaustively, Easter egg, everyone, expatriation, eaglewood, electronic flash, estate car, electronic, embolden, easement, edging, eagerly, expressed, errors excepted
foster father, footcandle, fly whisk, frigid zones, foresaw, facsimile, forty-footer, fragmentary, fidget, frisky, firmly, fortress, foot-sure, fearlessly, fulminate, forthwith, ferric, fortitude, fiat money, freeze
German measles, golden number, glacial era, gadget, gabfest, generalship, gloominess, grenade, grid, Groom of the Chamber, grape, gudgeon, gay, geewhizz, growing, grow out of, grinder, guncotton, gladly, Goth
heart-sore, His Eminence, herd, Heart of Midlothian, His Majesty, hailstorm, hard put to it, headwork, hilariously, his best, heroine, hand brake, horde, harvest, hawker, hock, Hertzian wave, hallo, happiness, hellcat
interestingly, interrupt, in the second place, impatience, ingredient, imperativeness, Italian, in conclusion, intervenei, in days of old, idealist, ill-disposed, immortal, inclinge, intellect, implant, improvise, imminent, ideology, importune
jack and Jill (Gill), jerry-built, judicial adviser, jeans, joiner, jest, journalize, Javaness, jujitsu, jolly Roger, juristic person, Justinian, Johnsonese, jiggered, Jack the Giant-Killer, Joe, jerkin, John Silver, jury mast, Juno
kaleidoscopic, knock out, keep (have) in mind, kangaroo closure, key board, K.O., knack, K.S.M. and S.G., kwien, krait, kiss the dust, kibitzer, karma, Kimberley, Krupp, Kingsley, Charles, King Emperor, knotty, K.W., knock down
logistics, lanolin, length-wise, liqueur, legitimate, lushy, lettering, lugubrious, likewise, leniency, loyal, landscape, larcenously, late, linoleumed, let up, little pitchers, lobby, loaf, learn
M.P., Mother of Parliaments, musk rat, materially, morale, mispronunciation, medium, metaphor, mint par, ma, matchwood, MS., Mrs, make the most of, mercilessly, monument, muddle through, melee, mastiff, maid
nursery of arts, numeral adjective, naiad, nauseous, nap, new look, necromancy, notary, Nippon, nautically, neptunium, negative, novitiate, napery, nineteenth, noisomeness, nail polish, neighbour, natural scale, Negus
odious, oct-, over the way, ordinal, out of order, on the minute, optimistically, opera glasses, octopus, on the tick, oscillatory, occasionally, ostracism, overfeed, obtainable, overexposure, outlast, out of straight, occupy, outrider
pierrette, peculiarly, possessive, precipitation, pocket-book, Palomar, Peeping Tom, piece goods, proa, powwow, potentially, peacock, programme, played out, parodist, pilot lamp, pester, pillow fight, Primitive Church, play at sight
quayside, quadrature, queen of ships, Quaker, quantitative, Quakers' meeting, quieten, quarterfinal, Q., quoin, quitted, quality control, Queen's evidence, quickstep, quadrant, quietly, qui vive, quorum, quadrennial, quittance
red herring, respirator, royal flush, regimental combat team, roughshod, revery, rank, rapid-firing, raspberry, relative adjective, rhinoceros, resister, register, rev, ratchet, rough-rider, rumour, revoke, ratan, rocket range
sodium carbonate, sharptongued, sedimentary rocks, second best, suet, syl-, second finger, split the difference, surd, steel wool, sweet pea, smote, sedative, success, set point, sulky, substantive law, smolder, specealty goods, semester
the three Graces, tie rod, title role, trample, tuneless, trick, teleceiver, traction wheel, telegram, telephone engineering, thriftily, Tummbledown, to hand, T.U.C., take stock, torment, truthful} verity, tandem, touchable, temporally
unvaried, unholy, under the guise of, underworld, Ulster, unaware, unsettled, underlie, uni-, United Nations Organization, under weigh, uninstructive, undertake, unmourned, underpaid, utilitarianism, unbroken record, uncountable, underneath, upstanding
verbality, Vis., vociferate, vastness, vidette, voracity, variable star, volatileness, vaginal, visiting book, vole, villager, volley fire, variously, vermin, verbal inflexion, ventpeg, vat, viper, verb used in a causal sense
wag his finger at, wane, walrus, wagonload, watermain, withering, welfare, window box, whatcha mean?, win the day, widely, wale, waffle, watch chain, woodruff, whirpool, whoe'er, will-trodden, wheaten, wickedly
XC, x-i., Xm., Xerxes the Great, x-in., x-div., X-ray Photograph, xenophobia, Xt., XL, Xn., xylophone, X.I., X-ray tube, X.D., Xaverian Brother, Xmitter, Xmas, xenon, XI
yaws, yo-ho, yeoman's service, yean, Yours to command, younger, yodle, Y-gun, yelp, yellow race, yearbook, y., Your Excellency, yesterday, Yankee, young man, you'll, Yuan Shih-kai, youth, yesternight
zoom, zip, Zepp, zinc green, zounds, zither, zoologically, Zoroastrian, zambo, zinc oxide, zero, Zen, zone time, Z-bend, zealously, zoology, Zeppelin, zinc grey, zinnia, Z
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