ѹԧ  ˹ѧ  ѧŧ  ˭ԧ    õ          ͧ  Ͷ  ͧԨԵ  ٴǧ
a.euphemistically, acknowledge, adhere, alienability, aval, Archimedean, Assembly of the People's Representatives, archer, allegory, adenoids, aqua regia, as mad as a March hare (as a hatter), ameliorative, adding machine, airworthy, ambulance corps, almighty dollar, analyst, aural, arsenite
beefy, beat, big pot, bloater, birthrate, breakdown, blandness, bespatter, basket, biennial, bud, burbot, black Maria, Britannic, blasphemy, begot, benzine, break the ice, budge, bays
caboose, carry-all, clerkship, cleanly, compatriot, conservator, cradle, corporal punishment, cockneydom, crucifix, cursory, cultivated, churlishly, circlet, comfortless, cf. p. 91, catch drain, celebrate, Christmas tree, circuit
dragoman, dumdum bullet, diaphragm, digestibility, draw threadwork, dryness, dress suit, dud, Dorian, dress rehearsal, don't, dram, drain cock, deflect, dislodgment, double crosser, D.S.C., dishevel, dispense with, Damascus
enshroud, esthete, ensured, exceptionally, effeminate, efficient, E. and O.E., ethical, epilepsy, emergent, episcopate, encyclopedist, emptiness, eloqunetly, eternal triangle, effervesce, eyelash, embellishment, eerily, Eight Immortals
former, feather palm, fuel injector, for good or ill, fight, Frenchy, flatulence, fairy tale, frump, faltering, frangipani, first finger, flattery, fellahin, foursome, faith healing, flurried, futurist, flannelette, folic acid
geologically, gorgeous, goblin, giddiness, gamecock, glazed, goldbeater, grandnephew, ground crew, go over, gluttonous, gum, gull wings, go to our own place, grandparent, get the mitten, guncrew, grandiloquent, gibe, good will
hearken, humbleness, heredity, harpy, hair, hatred, haughty, holy order, horticultural, high tea, Hellespont, harvest fish, hereunder, hilariously, harden, heighten, heathendom, horse-latitudes, half note, heavyweight
illuminating, in the long run, its, inapprehensible, impetuous, incense, inferable, intoxication, independence, instigation, impassioned, interposition, iron oxide, intensity, inherently, indigenously, illegitimate, insecurity, insufficient, increase
jangle, jacana, jute, January, Jeanne d', Jim, July, jumper, Jeffersonianism, jointly, jaggy, joyous, Jack the Giant-Killer, John the Baptist, judicious, jeep, jury box, joie de vivre, judge, jog
Krakatao, kinship, Kelvin scale, Kantian, Krishna, keystone, Khyber Pass, kid, keepsake, Kipps, knight, knee joint, knock-knees, keratin, knell, kitchen, kingfisher, Koran, Klan, km.
letter of advice, lassie, lest, lustral, lie in ruins (in the dust), lecherously, lambently, light-o'-love, leverwatch, lessen, licorice, Loch Ness monster, lush, loaf, lusty, Lloyd George, leeringly, lay low, lust, lonely
miscarriage, moribund, mutability, mismanage, make a fool (an ass) of yourself, muscle, merge, marquess, Mount Everest, Manchurian, Mahdi, mistletoe, military service, morale, mainland, milliard, masquerade, miff, medallion, mouthy
ninety, nonsensical, nitric acid, namby-pamby, necromancy, nonsuch, not cricket, numerous, north by east, nefariousness, novelist, null and void, naturalize, nevertheless, near, neutralize, negation, Neilson Hays, nest of drawers, Never fear
overtrain, over again, obtaingain, optic angle, optic nerve, on his coattails, of life and death, overdrawn, open town, omnibus conductor, out of order, on the payroll, on my account, opposition, overflowing, oceanography, oxen, Order of the Crown of Thailand, ovation, off color
political economy, Puccini, Giacomo, pax, Pinkerton, philharmonic hall, primary cell, prophecy, predicate, Parsi, pharmacopeia, pincers, pertinacious, portable receiver, pelisse, piecestrip, promisingly, partially, permanence, Public Utility Act, penchant
quick-freeze, quartermaster, Quaker, quota, quire, quorum, Queer Street, quick-in-the-hand, quadrilateral, Queen of love, quota system, quarantine, quartz, quandary, Q.M., quasi-historical, Quakeress, questionnaire, quiz show, quibble
royalist, Rape of the Lock, rani, refractoriness, repertory, Rembrandt, red sandalwood, ricksha, roll, Ravana, repression, Rhodes, rai, round game, ride, reciprocally, rooky, reparable, retentive, require
slink, Sinbad the Sailor, stop down, shyly, speaking trumpet, soundly, spirally, submerge, store, sports editor, scrapbook, small letters, sic, subjectively, scraggy, sleeping partner, subordinate, stirrup, suet, staves
trigonometrically, treacly, The Prelude, take notice, taciturn, transformation scene, table talk, turn loose, tearing, tea cosy, toolroom, tempting, tutorial, theosophical, temporal, teaser, taximan, tornado, the Embankment, toast water
unsparing, unsympathetic, undeviating, unmanly, unnerved, uneasy, use, underman, United States of South-east Asia, undisciplined, untraveled, ugliness, uncock, unchaste, utter, up to the chin, unfairness, unsex, unwholesome, Uncle Tom
versify, vow, Very light, Victoria, vaginal, voxpopuli, vociferously, viticulture, veterinarian, viscosity, vascular tissue, vest, vestiture, vice-chairman, vicariously, vegetable marrow, violin obligato, Vandyke, Anthony, voluminous, viciously
wailful, wing nut, Walhalla, went, whoopee, wicket, wood, Wales, wafer, wheelchair, wale, war crime, Wednesday, wistaria, wing collar, wool-dyed, whining, world exhibition, water-bearing, whistling
Xm., x-div., Xerxes the Great, Xaverian Brother, XI, X-, xenon, x-i., Xmas, X.I., xylophone, x-in., XC, Xmitter, X, X-ray Photograph, xenophobia, X-ray tube, Xt., X rays
Yalu, ytterbium, Your Ass-ship, yearly, Yukon, yam bean, yestereve, Yogoslavia, year, Your Grace, yoicks, Your obedient servant, yellowish, Yuan Shih-kai, youthful, yean, yellow plum, Your Lordship, youngish, yds.
Zeno, zinc oxide, zone, zambo, Zolaesque, zealous, zealot, zinc blende, Zionism, zither, Zeiss, zip gun, Zeus, Zeppelin, zealotry, zoological, zoom, zephyr, zirconium, Zionist
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