ѹԧ  ˹ѧ  ѧŧ  ˭ԧ    õ          ͧ  Ͷ  ͧԨԵ  ٴǧ
autobiographic, agriculture, anthrax, a little while, albumen, arisen, anticipation, animal magnetism, aggre-gate, authorization, afterglow, adv.familiarity, alteration, altercation, A Thousand and One Nights, allowable, alienation, affiliation, arbitration, armored train
bark, beside, by-line, beatitude, Babylonia, brutalize, bedspread, burner, brawn, beard the lion, baseborn, beatific, behindhand, battle array, broil, by deputy, baking soda, bog, bankruptcy law, bell metal
coulomb, cannonball, centenarian, clown, carter, crayon, come on, catches, chimera, curve, cement, crinkly, cig, combustion chamber, cypher, canto, castellated, candied ginger, Carlylian, confidant
detail, district, discolouration, dyed in the wool, defensively, disadvantage, double ended, dessert, diatribe, derm, Darwin, definable, dog's nose, doctrinarism, demonstrative adjective, dispatch, decimation, demonstration farm, deferred share, dishcloth
exist, end-all, errant, elvish, elusive, Eight Immortals, exaltation, exchangeable, empire gown, encyclical, Elementary Education Act, entomb, entitle, evening gown, equivocally, Egypt, exhume, euphonic, expansiveness, entertainingly
field of battle, fall asleep, free city, fixed, fleshing knife, fall in love with, fading, fastidiously, fright, fishy, fiber plant, fealty, fourth ofJune, flee, faery, favourably, fleet engineer, frill, flip, for good or ill
gas shell, gateway, gnomic, Gay-Lussac, gum benjamin, gullet, generation, graft, go into, Gorgonzola, great-niece, gluey, gulp, Gaul, georgette, guilt, glider, grated coconut, gawd, go to glory
horn of plenty, have at heart, handcar, hunting knife, Hastings, Warren, hemp, ha'penny, honourably, House of God, hive, Holy Redeemer, harmonium, High Contracting Party, His Britannic Majesty, handball, hung, have no patience, High Church, hollowly, hip bath
inattentive, interesting, inland, inappreciation, ineptitude, implement, ignominiously, irrefutable, inadvertency, ichthyology, irritation, ingratitude, impassive, indescribability, identically, ironclad, idler, is, irritating, insinuating
Julep, John Chinaman, jet liner, judgement day, junk shop, jocund, jobber, journalist, junket tour, Joyce, James, jetty, Jacobean architecture, juniper, Jewel City of Asia, Jack-in-office, jadeite, jam-pack, joss stick, joist, joint-stock bank
koel, knead, king baby, Kim, Keeper of the Great Seal, knot, keep up appearances, Koh-i-noor, Klondike, knickers, king crab, kampong, kind, kathin, karma, kite balloon, keg, kinetic theory of gasses, key up, kink
lengthways, leavetaking, logging camp, lay preacher, let down, license plate, leaderette, lukewarmly, liaison, legitimatize, Lords of creation, lustre, languid, liveliness, luck, lusciousness, largesse, Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, Livingstone, David, lefthanded
mystical, mother, mutineer, mal de mer, make haste, Ministry of the Interior, major suits, millpond, make, millboard, massacre, mightily, monthly, misinformed, meningitis, Madrasi, meretriciousness, meanly, Mountbatten, monotone
not for Joe, nostalgia, nationality, numerical inferiority, nudge, nothing, nearness, nougat, niggerbrown, nom, nuclear-powered, newlyweds, northeastern, nodule, night-light, nervous system, nasal sound, naturalized citizen, noticeable, Nimrod
on all fours, on the card, out of straight, out of gear, opposition, off-shoot, occurrence, onto, one and the same thing, occlusion, outweigh, outboard, officer, out and about, obtuse, oof, overcast, overstrung, on high, oppress
periodically, profit squeeze, peasant proprietor, pituitary gland, plied, pull my leg, pester, permission, Parthenon, photograph, pointing, precipitate, panic monger, put down, profanation, provocatively, peptic ulcer, parish, preclude, pregnancy
querulousness, quixotic, questions and answers, queen's knight, Quirinal, Quakers' meeting, quenchless, quadrangle, quanta, quandary, Queen Regnant, quotient, qualify, quarantine flag, quadrat, quantitative, quick-in-the-hand, quarter day, quarter binding, Quixote
rocket range, reverent, rear, Rs., Roman nose, ribbon development, ridge pole, raisin, Ross, Ronald, resource, rottenness, reverse, relegate, revisit, roly-poly, reproduce, rector, running headline, relive, re-creation
stave off, set free, skirtings, short measure, sunny side, spotted dog, stick-in-the-mud, sureness, suspense, stumper, small change, Stockholm, sameness, slipshod, slacks, sales talk, syllabi, show-down, swine, Sinai
tenseness, thoughtless, turn of speed, titled, towel, test pilot, Taj Mahal, to the utmost (greatest, fullest, full) extent, throw out, three-quarters, top gear, the nineties, the New Bailey, thumb index, thrifty, temperamental, top heavy, thee, test type, tram
unconcern, unaccountably, unpaid, unstring, up to the mark, unduly, uncontrollable, unseeing, untrue, upkeep, unveil, untutored, up and at it, United Nations Educational, unpatriotic, unsophis-ticatedness, unasked, unexplored, uncounted, understeer
volunteer, veneer grafting, voxpopuli vox Dei, vessel, vortical, valuable, valve, viable, Virgil, variety entertainment, volcanic rocks, vitamin, vomment, veterinary surgeon, vertigo, Vis., vantage in, V-belt, vortices, violence
wire wheel, water on the brain, windscreen, wale, warped, whome'er, when, wax doll, wharf, wire gauge, Wycliffe, John, Wellington, wire, wilt, wat, wrestling contest, whey, willowy, War of the Roses, Wellingtons
X-ray tube, xenon, xylophone, x-div., x-in., xenophobia, Xaverian Brother, X.D., Xm., X-ray Photograph, Xn., Xerxes the Great, XI, Xt., X, xenophobe, x-i., Xmas, X-, Xmitter
Yangtze, yesternoon, Yemen, Yankeeism, Yellowstone National Park, Yuan Shih-kai, year of our Lord, yeoman, yulan, yew, yea, yellowjack, yourself, youngster, young blood, yawning, yellow, young one, Your Ass-ship, York shireman
Zolaesque, Ziegfield's Follies, zip, Zolaistic, zone, zigzag, Zeno, zone time, zirconium, zip gun, zest, zoologically, Zion, Zoroaster, zephyr, zebra, Zeppelin, zingiber, zither, zambo
  ҡ  ˹͡  ҡ 觡 ҡѺ  ѡҡҹ  ҡպʴ  ͧ͡  ѡ    ѡ ŧ  Դ֧¡  ͧٴ  7ѹ 7͹ 7 ͵ʹ  ش͡ӫ   褹͹ᢹ  褹ͧѹ  Ҩҡ  ͤҹ  ҡΌ (My Bodyguard)  ѹҡ (Gush)  ¹ѡ  Cloud    Ѻ俴¹ѹ (ŧСͺФ ǧ)  駪Ե (ŧСͺФ ǧ)  HEY   Թҧ  Ĵٽ  ѹѡ  ش  ѡѹ ѡ (ŧСͺФ յš)  ˹褹 (ŧСͺФ յš)  㨷 (ŧСͺФ )  鹩Ժ (Tonnchib)  (Tonk the Rapper)  ŧҧ woot 21 ͧ 31 16 36 36 pui 21 ͧ 21 21 moonoi 21 Tor 41 * 31 26 36 26 ͡ 26