ѹԧ  ˹ѧ  ѧŧ  ˭ԧ    õ          ͧ  Ͷ  ͧԨԵ  ٴǧ
appellative, average, anchor movement, at school, appendices, Austria, accusing, abalone, all important, avenue, amorousness, alttude, assessor, arc, apart, airbase, allegiance, Act of Parliament, acrid, alga
bypath, boodle, buckskins, by-product, beseech, business, breastdeep, brash, buoyant, businesslike, B.B.C., bodyguard, begin, bedpost, beer, board of commissioners, bon, barebone, Bhumipol Aduldej, benignant
cannily, culvert, caladium, calculate, casualties, curt, cheekbone, clearly, crosswise, curium, civil servant, coalesce, confiscate, cheerfully, crossed check, chummy, come into existence, coamings, conscience, Calvinist
dry goods, dual, death warrant, drawbar pull, disarranged, drive, dead loss, divide, doormat, desiderate, deed, distract, dredge, disintegration, disposition, discordance, dilatation, dulcimer, double entendre, discontinue
educable, extravagantly, exactitude, electrolyze, electrolytic condenser, East Indiaman, earring, errand boy, electrical, electromagnet, earthtremor, expatiate, enlightenment, effortless, economic sanction, eliminate, electromagnetic wave, Easy Street, embassy row, extinguishable
fly off the bundle, fish cake, ferocious, folksiness, forebode, feminine rhyme, frivolously, fourth, frustrate, factor of safety, fatten, fetus, fanfare, flashgun, far-gone, foremen, flapdoodle, fragments, feather palm, Fleet Street
get rid of, God knows, gymnastic, gentlemen, Golden Horn, Gandhi, Mahatma, goggles, go to great lengths, germs of war, gym-frock, ground ash, genitive, great-niece, get the ticket, gully, gudgeon, gasp, gratis, garter, gridiron
headway, hunkers, harbor, horsey, head first, have words with, hand about (around), haltingly, Ho Chi-minh Trail, hairdo, hor pillow, hindquarters, hangings, haven, hydrogen dioxide, hobnob, humanize, High Commissioner, heirloom, hereupon
in this respect, isomeric, I'll, instrument, inst., inpatient, inland revenue, instrument board, implosion, in numerable, in love, inclemency, innocence, instrument panel, invest, interrogatory, individualist, ill, incite, illegality
jingoist, jury box, justification, July Revolution, jib crane, jack-o'-lantern, jackfruit, junket tour, jaggery palm, juristic act, Junker, jab, jeans, jog, Johny, jeweller, junk dealer, Johnnie, jewel, jack and Jill (Gill)
koku, kink, kibitzer, klieg light, key money, knock the bottom out of, kwien, krait, Kelvin, knickerbockers, king cobra, knowingly, kindlessly, kowtow, knit, kissable, Korean War, kindergarten, knack, kiss-curl
lummy, long vacation, lenticular, lie hard, labor relations, liberate, lose your temper, Lenin, leg, low relief, largeness, lacerate, leukemia, lay aside, lighterage, lost, liter centimeter, lithographer, Labourite, lose ground
morphine, masculinity, mustache, Mao Tse-tung, mountain, moderator, motorman, multiplication, movieland, med, mump, misapprehension, marvel-of-Peru, mistranslate, minefield, microfarad, matt, moving, main deck, molest
necromancer, novel, Nov., narcissism, Nagasaki, numeration, not worth a day's purchase, nog, Neronian, Niagara of curses, nobly, neutrally, nuclear physics, nephritis, negotiation, note, northermost, navigability, Nantes, new rich
outwardly, occur, objectionably, oil-rich, obsequious, oesophagus, offspring, on the fringe of, one-piece, outrun, oxidizing agent, oxeye, overcall, oarsman, obstinate, officialdom, oculist, ounce, orisons, overture
pressure cooker, preset diaphragm, palace, pock, porker, proportion, pug, photographically, podge, pointlessly, plastic bomb, Pantalets, puerile, pacification, perspicacious, prescience, penman, pref., political boss, parachute troops
quick, querist, quick-forgotten, Q Department, Queen's colors, quarter wind, quite a little, quadruplets, quire, Q.E.F., quadratic, quadratic equation, quick-fading, quell, questions and answers, quote, qualitative analysis, quiverful, qua, quadruped
riding breeches, rarity, retire, rustic seat, rapids, railway system, ram, rebroadcast, reproductive, rarefaction, revenue cutter, reflex, reserved, raison d'etre, reptilian, reminiscence, recto, represent, right, rural economics
silliness, so to speak (to say), son of Adam, seed drill, saddler, secular, smell out, show window, streamlet, salvo of applause, slant of wind, saccharify, shyly, scoop, survival, Succession States, Shakespearean, stenog, screwdriver, scythe
tuna, third wind windy, trade unionism, twangle, transship, taut, time sitch, toxoplasmosis, topee, technical education, twelvemo, trash, trail, tenant farmer, treadmill, terraced, tool, touch-me-not, the dark continent, triumphant
underbid, unenforced, under-standing, unmindful, unwisdom, ultra, UNAC, ungracious, under the hammer, ubiquity, ultraconservative, UNICEF, unwavering, unquestionable, unisured, unconscious, uppishness, under way, unexpected, unenterprising
vee, visual education, vacuum bottle, vide p.40, verdantly, vend, vainly, vaporizer, veranda, Valley Forge, violoncellist, vacillating, volution, valedictory, vanquish, versatile, Vichy, vizir, violently, vainglory
why, whimsicality, waters, wing commander, welter-weight, weight, white, wot, westernmost, wolfram, Welsh rabbit, World Court, washcloth, waterline, wide-angle, windy, work his passage, wagtail, woolly, waxwork
Xaverian Brother, x-in., Xm., xenophobe, XL, x-div., XC, Xn., X-ray Photograph, xenon, Xerxes the Great, x-i., X-, xylophone, XI, Xt., X-ray tube, xenophobia, X.D., Xmas
yeast, you'd, yes, yds., Yankeeism, Yalta, yoke, Yellowstone National Park, Yours, yield point, youthfulness, yeiding, younger son, you'll, Yangtze-Kiang, yearbook, yr., yield, y., yank
zirconium, zoom, Zeno, Ziegfield, zincograph, Zoroastrian, zounds, zealotry, zip code, Zolaesque, Zola, zone, Zionist, zoological gardens, Zulu, Zen, zodiac, zinc blende, Z-bend, Zeus
ŧ Better Weather  ͹  ͹  ش͵ͧ    ׹ʺ  ͵ͧթѹ  Ѻѹ  ͹    Hit & Run Feat. ѡ ҹ & Fucking Hero  ٴ  ͹ѹء  Today  ء    աҹ  (W8)  (Scars)  ٴ  纤ѡ (ONS)  Ѵ (IRREVERSIBLE)  Ҿѹ  ҡТ  ѡʹء (NSA)  ¤ʴ  ŧͧ  ʵ feat. ;س  ç¹  ѡѺѺ  ᵡҧѡѹ (feat. )  ´ʴ ø˧  ءԵԷѹ  дմ  á  ŧҧ ͧ 31 Ѻ 41 Jacke 26 * 26 ning 36 jang 26 boy 31 oyo 41 p 21 Bas 31 26 46 gv 36 p 21 man 46