ѹԧ  ˹ѧ  ѧŧ  ˭ԧ    õ          ͧ  Ͷ  ͧԨԵ  ٴǧ
Antarctica, actress, ad-libbed, achromatic, abbey, amidst, admittedly, auditorium, archaeologist, all fo a sudden, anion, actually, abeam, avenge, adjudge, adamant, agar, accent, analytical, allegoric
broadsheet, bilateral, brackishness, battledore, brother-in-law, bisector, bassoon, booh, bumpy, book stand, Bonaparte, belligerency, Bostonian, banjorine, bombastic, bibliomania, bleakness, blouse, biassed, badly off
censorship, conserve, commercial traveler, circumference, contentious, calces, c.p., crook, Committee of (on) Ways and Means, cant, cardinal duties, cuboid bone, cyan, capricious, crack of doom, countermark, contemplation, commy, comic, codling
Defender of the Faith, distantly, defenceless, dead of night, doth, detector, downpour, dice-box, dyehouse, disillusionment, desirous, de facto, defiance, did not, draughtman, dealer's price, discrepant, dirt cheap, damply, digestibility
elusory, ex, emperor, embattle, electrotype, Egyptian pound, enclosure, emir, embroider, European, every few days, et cetera, erysipelas, exceptionable, expound, East by North, electron gun, entrails, everlasting, electric light
fern, felt hat, fille de chambre, foci, Fleming, Alexander, ferruled, foreshorten, Friday, family entrance, fondly, fetch her compass, fierceness, free hand, federated, freezingly, forthright, firstborn, fete, far from, flit
genteelism, gonorrheal, get the sack, gym-frock, Great divide, granulate, goose-step, give tongue, gallows, grease cup, granddaughter, Goldilocks, genuineness, graveyard, go over, gospeller, graven image, graphite, grit, golliwog
heathenism, hometruth, handball, hot air, HHH, handsomeness, Holyrood, hydrostatics, humph, Hankow, humbug, harangue, hairsbreadth, have-nots, hermitage, haunted, hellcat, half blue, hanker, hatch
inaction, insure, imperceptible, intersection, inobservance, immoderate, indentation, ignorantly, in the nick of time, I'll, intrusive, identify, instantaneity, instantaneous, illusive, isolated, incapable, inasmuch, interfusion, into the bargain
John the Apostle, jump his bail, jamboree, January, jasper, Joint Chiefs of Staffs, Jim Crow, Julian calendar, Justin, jazz, join battle, jocose, jibe, joss stick, jubilation, joss house, Justinus, jurisconsult, joker, jam-session
knowledgeable, koku, king crab, kinematographic, Kingsley, Charles, king's color, Kiangsi, kick starter, kites, Kiel, kerb, kiddy, KW, keyhole, kindliness, kiosk, kidnap, keep his own counsel, K.B.E., keep the pot boiling
lackadaisically, Lethean, levy enmasse, L/C, lasciviously, listen in, lawfully, lay press, laundress, lightning war, leucorrhea, line rocket, liver, leg stump, lead, Leaning Tower of Pisa, later on, legman, limpidity, liegeman
Macedonian, morning room, minuteness, motion, millionaire, misplace, mistress, mob law, most-favored nation, my word, mysteriously, mouth organ, mainly, multiply, mister, Marlowe, Christopher, Mozart, milkbush, make a clean slate, mallow
nine pins, natural liberty, noxious, nursemaid, nearness, Noah, neuter, nutrition, nothing but, noncommittal, navigation, neutralization, note of exclamation, notably, navigability, noxiousness, naturalization, ninth, nouveau riche, Nuremberg
operation, ogre, out of tune, obstacle, outlaid, oscillation, outboard, orient, outrageously, Old Scratch, ohmmeter, overseer, oxalis, ornamentally, O, odds and ends, outward, on the spot, officiously, obvious
proto-, phonetic symbol, pigeon pea, petty officer, preservation, potent, peculiarity, pd., paleness, Pharaoh, Presbyterian, pneumatic tire, put to the sword, publicity, price, passiveness, proa, painful, punctual, primness
quaggy, Q.M., quanta, queen post, quassia, quarrelsome, Queen's English, quayside, quinine, quagmire, quarterfinal, quadruple, querulous, quantum sufficit, quotient, questionnaire, Q.E.D., quad, Quirinal, quirk
recurrently, retribution, restless, rose wood, rusticate, Rembrandt, racily, rubbich, riding, rise and fall, rudely, ruggedness, rustic, rift, rash, redaction, reliably, rationalist, re-, report
surfeit, sinologist, spontaneous, sym-, surgery, Swiss roll, sawn, solid state, safety lamp, sound film, supervise, scrimmage, scholarly, scrap, scrub typhus, subheading, spring mattress, shuttlecock, staid, sideways
trench foot, tootle, tuberculosed, talk shop, telepathy, transience, tire, tranquilize, tightwad, thermal spring, theosophist, treasure-house, the West, toothpaste, town car, twenty questions, tooth and nail, talent scout, Treasury Bench, theologina
up against, unexpectedly, unanimousness, ungracious, United Nations, up, utilitarianism, UN, uncanniness, uterus, up to, untrammelled, unarm, U.S.S.S., utilization, understate, underhand, urine, unwell, upstanding
view camera, variant, vend, vituperative, visualize, Victoria Falls, vulgarity, vaginal, validly, valiant, vinegarish, vapour, victorious, vigorously, Vedanga, vulnerable, volatility, vaunt, vacate, vibrant
woodwork, wishy-washy, worker, wield the scepter, window box, with a flea in his ear, were, wardroom, wagonlit, whitlow, wifelike, wilfulness, whole milk, wilderness, weave, winding-sheet, Woodrow, Welch, without number, Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service
Xerxes the Great, xenophobe, X, x-i., XC, XL, XI, X.I., Xmas, Xmitter, xylophone, X-ray tube, Xm., x-div., xenon, X rays, xenophobia, x-in., X-, X-ray Photograph
yachtsman, yarborough, Your Lordship, younger brother, you'll, Yunnanfu, yellow race, Yours, yesterday, young woman, yep, yawn, yeomanry, yokefellow, York-shire, Yankee, Yosemite National Park, yam, Young, Brigham, you're
zoologically, Zeppelin, zip gun, zinc, zip code, zingiber, zoning law, Zolaesque, zip, zestful, zincograph, zinc green, Zollverein, zygotic, zonal, zambo, Zola, zealous, zephyr, zealously
ѹͧҡҡ  ѧѡѹ  ŧ Boy Peacemaker    ѡ觼١ѹ  ҡ  ʹմ  ˧  Դ֧ҹ  ӵҨҾԪԵ  Ѻ...  ҡҵǨԧ  ѡ˹    ѡ˹  ѡйԴ (feat. )    ôպѹ  ͹...ICE  ѡ  㹽ѹ  ŧѡһ׹ᵡ  ¨ҡ˹  觹 (Acoustic Version)  ͤ׹  ҡش˧  ӵͺ  ѡ  Ե  ˹ (Feat. ѷ)  ʧҧ  Tell Me  ҧ  ѹ    ŧҧ jacke 21 ͧ 31 boy 31 26 36 Ѻ 26 g 36 DIN 46 41 man 46 Ҫ 26 41 ѧ͹ 11 AmMy 21 Ѻ 21